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Re: compression?

To: "Terry O'Brien" <>, "mg list" <>
Subject: Re: compression?
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:24:54 +1000

> scary?  upon my recent renewal of my 77B it tested 150, 150, 145, 150.
> I did not oversize any components, but did go to a copper head gasket.
> is there really and danger involved in such readings?  will it go down
> in a few thousand miles?  anything I need to look for?  right now I'm
> just enjoying that new car feel!

Depends. Is your car a High Compression motor or a Low Compression motor? If
it's HC, std they were 160psi, LC 130psi. If you have fit a copper head
gasket that normally results in a thicker head gasket, reducing compression.
But what other work was done to the car? Were the pistons replaced maybe
with HC pistons? Was the head skimmed? Was the block decked? All of these
things can raise the compression ratio. I wouldn't worry about it at all. If
it doesn't ping on the gas you use, then all the better for the higher
compression. More power! :) As another lister said, most of those
compression testers are bloody unreliable. The one I had cost me $50, lasted
me about 5 months until the hose blew off the connector. Wondering if anyone
makes a good quality unit out there..


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