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Re: Fugliest MGB Award

To: <>
Subject: Re: Fugliest MGB Award
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:45:15 +1000

> > It is just hideous.  I'd almost consider giving my '66 MGB away to the

It's simple. A guy had an MGB, was getting hassled by his Daughter sometime
in the mid eighties that she needed a Car, it HAD to be a convertible, and
she REALLY just HAD to have a Rabbit like the rest of her SoCal Girlfriends
(School Parking lot cred.). So Daddy being an LBC fan painted his old MG
Shocking Pink and installed an Auto as she couldn't drive a manual, and of
course installed a nice Jap engine that never broke down, went as slow as
possible, so she couldn't hurt herself with it.

JUST MY GUESS.... lol!!! I went to High School in Newport Beach, CA. You
should have seen the cars the kids drove. Every second car was a White VW
Rabbit convertible, some of the guys had brand new Porsches.. No I'm not

I used to catch the bus, or Mum dropped me off in the Accord. I think I had
a credibility problem. :)


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