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Re: Fugliest MGB Award

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Subject: Re: Fugliest MGB Award
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 08:42:12 -0400
A shame someone would do something like that to a rust free car!  We in the
saltbelt lust after those rust free examples.

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> > It is just hideous.  I'd almost consider giving my '66 MGB away to the
> >  person who purchases that car in order for them to correct it and make
> >  look decent.
> My suggestion would be to jack up the radiator cap and drive another MG
> the cap*
> (* of course then a radiator cap replacement would be required)
> A 1.4L engine with a slush box?  compared to the 66's non smog 1.8 it
> like a serious slug to me.  Also the quote about "Looks like a factory
> installation"
> What kind of factory?
> Rick Ewald

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