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Re: Reliability

Subject: Re: Reliability
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 17:07:50 -0400
Don Walton wrote:
> I was wondering what people on the list think is a reliable car besides
> LBC's.  I think my B's are the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned and
> I ame sure that it is because of their simplicity and the upkeep which I do.
> Anyway, I am going to sell my Suburban gas drinker and I will have to get
> another vehicle. Unfortunatly, the SO will not go for the A which I would
> like to have, got to have a/c here in the sunny south, so any ideas?  I
> think most 90's era cars have no personality and all look the same but I
> gotta do something......
>                                 Don Walton
>                                 73 74 77 B's

Why not get a BGT with air - very reliable transportation - I drive mine
year round every day-and still enter it in car shows - got a third place
last week :)

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