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Subject: Reliability
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 09:54:24 EDT
New cars SUCK i sell parts at napa i had a 1997 Taurus the trans went out at 
5000 the rotors were shot 2.  The car was a piece of SH%%%$T!!!  The things i 
see & here ill keep my lbc's thank you the most at one time i ever spent in 
NEEDED repairs is $400 for a valve job needed alot of work on the cyl head.  
These SUV"s are a joke the brakes last 15-20k & the rotors are almost always 
junk.  I say drive the old stuff lbc's or pre 75 american for ever! (no 
flames on american cars pre 75 please if you must know i have a 69 nova with 
at least 197k on it)
RAy Huff
1 82 chev van soso but it was only $1300  wifes kid hauler
& 5 mgb's 3 almost run
69 nova

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