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RE: MG Decision to make

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Subject: RE: MG Decision to make
From: douglas wilson <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 14:11:47 -0500
I'd say go for the GT. Its bigger and driveable now. The midget repairs will 
probably cost as much and you will have less "downtime". Good luck!
Doug, 76B

From:   BOB HILL
Sent:   Tuesday, November 23, 1999 9:07 PM
Subject:        MG Decision to make

Well I am at a crossroads now as to what to do.  I made an offer on a 77
Midget a couple of weeks ago and the lady turned me down.  It needed some
work but for $500 I felt it was a great little car to start with.  Well
she called this afternoon and wants to take my offer now but here is the
problem, I have found a 73 MGB GT that is a real nice car for $1800.  It
needs a few little things but is perfectly drivable as it is.  Here is the
problem - the wife will not let me buy both so I need to decide if I pay
$500 for the Midget and spend the extra fixing it up or buy the GT and
have it ready to go immediately.  

I know this is kind of like comparing apples and oranges but if it were
you, which would  buy?  Any advice would be appreciated


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