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Re: Them squeaky squealy brakes...

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Subject: Re: Them squeaky squealy brakes...
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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 08:58:21 -0000
Applying a very small amount of brake grease to every metal-to-metal contact
points helps a great deal, but there are some pad materials that you just
cannot fix this way.  Speaking of pad materials, some also deposit a black
dust on the front wheels that is very difficult to shift if it has gone
through a couple of heat/wet/cold/dry cycles - I have to use Autosol -
whereas others just seem to make the front wheels hardly any dirtier than
the back, it is a lighter colour, and it washes off with a hose brush.


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Subject: Them squeaky squealy brakes...

> On my 78B often when I brake I get brake squeal - the sort that could make
> everyone in the parking lot look over and think I need to get the brakes
> fixed.  It's a high-pitched metal-on-metal noise, not as bad as
> on a chalkboard, but close.
> It doesn't always happen, and I haven't figured out the runtime/weather
> conditions where it is worse, but it can happen at any speed, particularly
> very slow ones, even 1 mph.
> My mechanic, who unfortunately is deaf to higher frequencies, said based
> that description there was a sort of no-squeal lubricant that can be
> squirted between the shoe and what it grabs, alternately sometimes filing
> (rounding) the edges of the shoe cuts down on the noise.
> However, reading some MG tech tips I see a lot of mention of it having to
> do with the pins.
> Presumably we can give it a quick squirt while I'm in getting my tie rod
> installed, but any ideas?  I know this is common to the older braking
> systems - I rarely hear it on "modern day" cars, but the insistence by a
> number of sites & tips on the pins being the problem makes me wonder...
> tia
> - Tab

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