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Them squeaky squealy brakes...

Subject: Them squeaky squealy brakes...
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 14:07:34 -0500
On my 78B often when I brake I get brake squeal - the sort that could make
everyone in the parking lot look over and think I need to get the brakes
fixed.  It's a high-pitched metal-on-metal noise, not as bad as fingernails
on a chalkboard, but close.

It doesn't always happen, and I haven't figured out the runtime/weather
conditions where it is worse, but it can happen at any speed, particularly
very slow ones, even 1 mph.

My mechanic, who unfortunately is deaf to higher frequencies, said based on
that description there was a sort of no-squeal lubricant that can be
squirted between the shoe and what it grabs, alternately sometimes filing
(rounding) the edges of the shoe cuts down on the noise.

However, reading some MG tech tips I see a lot of mention of it having to
do with the pins.

Presumably we can give it a quick squirt while I'm in getting my tie rod
installed, but any ideas?  I know this is common to the older braking
systems - I rarely hear it on "modern day" cars, but the insistence by a
number of sites & tips on the pins being the problem makes me wonder...


- Tab

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