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Re: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!

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Subject: Re: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 08:50:51 -0000
I also find that MG parts are usually considerably cheaper than parts for
modern cars, but there is a huge range in quality and price.  I find the big
outfits may have the better quality, but they are also the most expensive by
far.  Smaller outfits, on the other hand, are cheaper but often sell junk.
By a process of elimination I now use two local people who generally sell
good quality - OE if they can get it - at good prices, and they always tell
me whether it is OE or not.


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Subject: RE: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!

> I guess everything is relative.  I find the parts for my MG, regardless of
> where they come from, to be very reasonable in price, but then I have been
> comparing them to a 86 Audi 4000 quattro.  Want expensive, try *any*
> for an Audi, then add more $$$ when you add the word quattro!  I drive my
> more than my Audi (cept when the snow flies)not only cuz it is more fun,
> because I can afford tofix it if it breaks.
> Gordie
> **>I tend to aggree with Kai.I used to just be concerned about
> **>price and nothing
> **>else
> **>and then I started to look at the big picture with companies
> **>like TRF and
> **>began to
> **>realize that without these companies our hobbie would be very
> **>difficult and
> **>boring as
> **>well.Kai is also correct in that your parts orders are not
> **>subsidising the
> **>Coventry Inn.
> **>It is members of Charles club that do that.
> **>
> **>        Brian Ichter
> **>        West Chester,Pa
> **>        74 TR6
> **>

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