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Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?

Subject: Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 21:15:12 EST

If you want to stick to the six volt batterys then go to the new Gel Cel 
batteries on the market.  Optima Battery is one brand.  These things are 
great, have about 800 cranking amps, and are smaller.  The problem is they 
are over $100 apiece.  

Joe Potter

In a message dated 12/4/99 1:40:54 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> The batteries on my '73 B GT need replacement and I called my local
>  Interstate Battery distributor and got a quote of $65 apiece.  Is this the
>  going price?  Does anyone know of any other source?  I prefer to retain the
>  two 6 volts rather than convert to a single 12 volt as I'd like to keep the
>  car as original as I can.  (I live in northern California.) 
>  Thank you!
>  Don Scott

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