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Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?

Subject: Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 11:24:55 -0700
As one of the few remaining advocates for the 6 volt batteries, I'll have 
to throw in a few comments. The price of $65 is about average; NAPA here in 
Billings (MT) has them in stock for that price. But I found another battery 
vendor that sells them for about $47 locally, except they have to order 
them in which takes a couple of days. Since all they sell is batteries, I 
talked to them about the pros and cons.

If you go with the single 12v, you will get less power. The two six volt 
batteries in series provides 12 volts and 700 cranking amps. However, you 
can purchase a 12V battery for $50-60, it will give you somewhere around 
400-600 cranking amps. That really only matters to us northerners though. 
One advantage to the 12V though -  if you use the battery cases (available 
from most MG parts distributers), you will have a handy storage compartment 
in the other vacant battery slot.

I've always sworn by my 6 volt batteries, particularly because of the need 
for that extra cranking power when it gets below zero. But now that my BGT 
is not my sole driver, its not so critical.

I did get cheap earlier this year so now my 71BGT is powered by a 12V 
Diehard. The 67BGT has new 6V batteries. Right now, they start about the 
same but they haven't been tested with below zero weather either. But I'm 
keeping my 67BGT as original as possible - 6 volt batteries, positive 
ground. As it should be.

67 BGT
71 BGT
74 Toyota Landcruiser (the "convertible")

>The batteries on my '73 B GT need replacement and I called my local
>Interstate Battery distributor and got a quote of $65 apiece.  Is this the
>going price?  Does anyone know of any other source?  I prefer to retain the
>two 6 volts rather than convert to a single 12 volt as I'd like to keep the
>car as original as I can.  (I live in northern California.)
>Thank you!
>Don Scott

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