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RE: Another one bites the dust

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Subject: RE: Another one bites the dust
From: douglas wilson <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 19:35:55 -0500
Kelvin, What a lucky guy you are. Where do you find the time for all your 
projects? I can hardly get the shopping/laundry done before playing with my 
toys. What is your secret? Doug 76B (in storage til April)

From:   Dodd, Kelvin
Sent:   Wednesday, January 12, 2000 2:07 PM
Subject:        Another one bites the dust

        My 68 MGB GT V6 is going under the hammer.  A friend with a 66
Marcos purchased my spare V6 core engine from me to lump his car.
Unfortunately the core was badly rusted.  Since he needed a complete drive
train I offered him the one out of my car, along with all my V6 spares.

        If anyone is interested the stripped shell will be available for
free to a good home.  It has most of the modifications necessary to fit a
V8. The engine bay has the engine mounts removed.  The left side of the
firewall has been converted to 75- spec, with the correct gas pedal and
steering column.  The shell does have a sunroof and has perforated dog legs,
and lower front fenders but no structural rust.

        The car is located in Ventura, CA.  The shell can be left as a
roller, but I will need the suspension components back.  

        I am hoping for a wild chance that there is someone out there
wanting to do a V8 conversion with a sunroof that has a rusty donor car.

        If there is no interest, the front fenders will be available, they
can be repaired with patch panels.  The rest of the shell will be recycled.

        The majority of the trim and rolling gear will be used on a 67 MGB
GT V8 RHD Sebring project.

        My projects are on hold for the moment, as I am building a 32 X 12'
car port to protect the gaggle of MGs littering my garden.  The Magnette is
still in the garage patiently awaiting brakes and a clutch.  The engine
block for my 73 GT is at the machine shop.  The OD trans for the Jag was
farmed out to a nice couple who have an OD test bench.  Ted Shumacher
deserves cudos for trading my block hugger V8 headers in for a set of RV8


Kelvin Dodd (so many cars so little time)
58 MGA X2 in bits
58 MG Magnette ZB
65 MGB Sebring Replica
66 Jaguar 3.8S
68 MGB GT V6, soon to become donor fodder
95 Dodge Ram 2500 T. Diesel
78 MGB V8 in process
66 MGB GT V8 Sebring Replica in process

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