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Re: emissions and my future as an LBC hobbyist

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Subject: Re: emissions and my future as an LBC hobbyist
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 21:38:52 -0600
   The suggestions so far have been good.  As Lawrie said ( I think it was
Lawrie), the converter may be a problem, especially if its original and have
had leaded gas run through it.  Another good point to check is the automatic
choke on the ZS.  These guys are notorious for having problems, and a good
place to look if your HC levels are too high.  Good luck with it, if the
systems in the car are working properly, and the cat. is in good shape, you
shouldn't have a problem.

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From: Michael Jose <>
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Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 2:23 PM
Subject: emissions and my future as an LBC hobbyist

>Hello all,
>My current problem is a very difficult one.
>After almost a year of ownership, I am currently unable to drive my car
>because of emissions laws in AZ.
>What I am asking for is any help from those who have had experience with
>passing emissions in AZ or CA or a state with similar standards for
>later cars.
>If I can't get the car to pass, I can't drive it.  If I can't drive it,
>I don't see any reason to keep it, and I would sell it to someon in a
>less regulated state to enjoy, and use what's left of my investment to
>buy another car.
>Let me give you the statistics on my car, so that you fine fellows can
>79 B roadster, north american spec.
>The original engine overheated last May, and I replaced it over the
>summer with a used engine in good condition.
>It passed the equipment inspection, meaning that the EGR, gulp, and
>check valves are installed, the air pump is installed with a belt
>driving it, all the hoses seem to be going to the right places.
>It still has the original Stromberg on it, and is automatic choke, no
>AC, no overdrive, no fancy anything.
>I recently had the exhaust replaced with brand new, except the manifolds
>and catalytic converter.
>The timing may be out of whack, but I havent' had any time to play with
>it, considering the car is in Phoenix and I am in Tucson.
>The car fails the emissions test especially in hydrocarbons.
>I have been considering entrusting the car to Glenn Frost of The MG Shop
>in Tempe until it passes, but a friend of mine said that Glenn had been
>unable to get my friend's car to pass.
>So what do I do?
>I want to try all suggestions to make this car pass, but after that, I
>dont' know what to do.  I could sell it for a loss to someone out of
>state so he can enjoy it;  I can save up and buy another car to drive
>whil I let this one sit until something happens or I move;  I can buy an
>earlier body in good condition and transplant the gear from my car into
>it;  I could convert to a different carb, or electronic ignition, or
>even an engine from a more modern car, such as a Mazda rotary.
>Any suggestions to a man who really misses his car?
>Mike Jose

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