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Re: MG's bad in rain

Subject: Re: MG's bad in rain
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 01:07:54 EST
> I've heard that my 70 MGB GT will not be fun to drive in the rain. Can
>  someone expound/explain?

I am surprised others have not experienced this problem.  I live in western 
Oregon and we get a lot of rain, real rain.  The problem with the B is in 
heavy rain with water on the highway (motorway) and if you travel for a good 
distance without using the brakes they get wet and will not work for a couple 
of seconds until the water is removed by contact.  I have had Bs since I was 
a teenager and I have lived in Oregon most of my life.   This is a real 
problem with the design.  I used to make a habit of tapping the brakes every 
mile or so in heavy rain on the motorway.  The only solution I have found is 
the use of the cross drilled rotors and sticky pads.  The problem is real, 
and damn scary when you have no brakes and then 1 second later they come on.  
By that time you have foot into it and they come on too strong.

Joe Potter

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