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MG's bad in rain

To: The MG List <>
Subject: MG's bad in rain
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 09:29:37 -0500
In reference to the MGB's brake design in the wet.

>The problem with the B is in 
>heavy rain with water on the highway (motorway) and if you travel for a
>distance without using the brakes they get wet and will not work for a
>of seconds until the water is removed by contact.  

I don't think this is a bad design from a MGB point of view, all the cars I
owned have exhibited this to one extent or another. My most recent
was on an Audi Quattro about 1 month ago during the snow-storm. The
got really soaked and nothing happened upon the first application of the
Once I realised this, I make certain I applied light pressure to the brakes
every couple
of miles to dry them out.

Land-Rover used to intestinally use drums brakes all round to on their 90
until fairly recently to try to eliminate this problem and I think they
still use the
parking brake on the drive shaft. . Considering the vehicle is used
in most "wet" areas (farms jungles etc), it seemed to be the right
decisions. The problem
with drum brakes is that once water does get it, it takes a looooong time to
dry the
shoes out.


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