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Re: Dieseling (AKA Running on)?

To: Lawrie Alexander <>
Subject: Re: Dieseling (AKA Running on)?
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:48:26 -0500
  I'd like the list members who've had this phenom happen to them and
how they cured it to tell us all about it.  I can use the advice.

  I have a newly rebuilt engine (~ 2,000 miles) that's .030"  over. 
It's a V block with ofset-cap rods and 4-ring dished AE pistons.  The
pre '68 head has .006" off of it to true it up.  Stock profile cam and
twin HS-4s.  No pollution control equipment and no air leaks.  25D4
dizzy with centrifugal advance mechanism that work and new vacuum unit,
set in the middle of i's travel.  Pertronics Ignitor and Lucas Sport
coil.  Stock exhaust manifold, new head pipe and  free-flow exhaust
system with all joints welded; no leaks.  Running a 180 degree
thermostat 'year round and the temp never gets much over the N mark no
matter whether it's 100+ or 70 degrees outside, on the freeway at 70 mph
or in stop-and-go city traffic.  It idles smoothly at ~850 rpm but it
diesels on shut-down, after it warms up, no matter what available octane
fuel I run or where I set the timing between 10 to 14 degrees BTDC. The
engine is running super, starts right up and gets good gas mileage.  

  I can stop it (usually do) by selecting 3rd gear and engaging the
clutch lightly simultaneous to shutting it off.  Been doing the same
thing to my Nissan PU for 75,00 miles, since I rebuilt it back in 1991
and took the non-functional pollution devices off it.   It's a PITA

  Maybe I need to fit a valve to open the intake manifold to the
atmosphere when I shut it down.  All suggestions welcome.



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