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Re: Dieseling (AKA Running on)?

Subject: Re: Dieseling (AKA Running on)?
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 14:14:06 -0400
  The owners handbook for the TD tells us to decoke every 10m miles. One
is to remove the head, wirebrush the chambers to remove carbon, stuff
rags into the cylinders and scrape the piston tops.
  When we finally got around to doing this on my father's car, at 25m
miles, it was a wasted effort. Everything was clean and smooth--no carbon
buildup other than a smooth coat the thickness of a coat of paint.   
  This tells us something about "pool fuel" of the era. He always burned
Amoco in the 1950s and 60s.

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000 05:56:49 -0700 (PDT) Dan DiBiase
<> writes:
> Hmmmm, would a Sprite need de-Coke-ing too?! <VBG> 
> Seriously, how do you de-coke an engine? Would running
> it on the highway for a while do it? Kind of like the
> 'Italian tune-up'...?
> Dan De-Be-AHS-Ee
> --- wrote:

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