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Re: Dieseling (AKA Running on)?

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Subject: Re: Dieseling (AKA Running on)?
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 12:21:44 -0400
Bowing humbly. 

BTW What exaxctly is a sheltered and pampered life??


At this exact moment in time 7/27/00 11:13, made the 
profound statement:

>In a message dated 7/26/00 1:33:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
><< However if the
> car has lead a sheltered and pampered existence or has been driven to many 
> without ever reaching operating temperature on too many occasions, it could 
> decoking. >>
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>Blake, you have obviously never met Larry Macy!  His sheep skin seat covers 
>are crying for a rest!  Sheltered and pampered are not in Larry's dictionary.
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