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Took the Plunge!

To: MGB Mailing List <>
Subject: Took the Plunge!
From: Steve & Bonnie Sidwell <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 09:19:29 -0800
...and it's beautiful!!  OK, new owners'll fade soon
enough.  But just one more time...I promise!  It's a 1978 MGB Roadster.
Just repainted the original Brooklands Green, with a new Autumn Leaf
interior.  New tires, brakes, top, seems to run like a top.  Also a
Southern California car since birth - well, shortly thereafter.  Bought
from an established dealer in San Luis Obispo (California) , it has an
original chrome luggage rack (I'm told they don't make the original
style anymore), also included a boot and very nice tonneau cover.  It's
a bit hard making the transition from an SUV to a LBC, but I'm giving it
my best shop!  Thanks for the indulgence and an extra thanks to those
list members who took the time to patiently answer my seemingly unending

Steve in Santa Barbara
'78 MGB Tourer Driver (as of 12/2/00!)

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