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Re: Took the Plunge!

To: "Eric" <>, "MGB Mailing List"
Subject: Re: Took the Plunge!
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 21:04:02 +1030
> OK, I'm sorry... I was too slow off the mark first time 'round and so
> rarely get a second chance!
> > also included a boot and very nice tonneau cover.
> >
> Thank god.  Those stump-tail B's without a boot look ugly and handle
> even worse.  Besides, without the boot where would you carry all those
> vital spares and your beer?  The tonneau cover is a good idea, too.

Down Eric, Down!
Cripes mate, the racing season has only just finished. If you are this
jittery now, what will you be like in February? I prescribe many friday
nights at the club, preferably as close to the bar as possible, long chats
with Baz, and a seriously hot rebuild of your MG's motor.

76 B - one of those WITH a boot. Actually, I did own a GT for some years
and while that technically didn't have a boot, it did serve as a swimming
pool everytime it rained.

         Anne and Richard Spurling

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