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Re: MGA windscreen

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Subject: Re: MGA windscreen
From: "Bill Schooler" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 16:30:55 -0400
Wow - duct tape in a tube!  What'll they come up with next?


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Subject: Re: MGA windscreen

> I have been holding off reply to this line as I could not be bothered to
> look for a very nice product.....But I have found it
> I used it when restoring my Austin Healey in 1986.  I used it to stick
> the aluminium front shroud to the body - not a minor stick!  I have also
> used it to stop leaks in windshields.  It is like plasticine and you can
> roll it into strings and ease it under your rubber surround.  I have had
> the box of stuff for 15 years now and it has not deteriorated at all -
> stays pliable and sticky
> It is Dum-Dum from
> Proform Products Ltd
> 430 Harrop Drive
> Milton
> Ontario  L9T 3H2
> 416-878-4990
> 800-387-7981

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