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New owners information

Subject: New owners information
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 11:06:21 -0600
I want to thank everyone for their help and for an amazing response.

For those that asked I live in Londonderry South of Manchester J5 I93 and
want to attend events that are held in the area.

I'm now thinking more carefully about what I am going to purchase.

Has anyone a car that I could purchase in mind? I have $3000 - 3500 to

In the UK I have:
new - LH RH doors
Good condition - Bonnet (trunk) Boot (Hood) LH RH wings (Fender) O/drive
In the US I have:
New carpet (good quality) chrome parts i.e. door handles etc

The reason I mention this is that I would rather obtain a car that needs
these parts.

I just viewed a car @ wire wheels which seems reasonable (BRG Roadster 68)
any comments on this car?   


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Subject: New owners information
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I have just moved from the UK and was advised that you could helpin the US!
I'm just about to buy an MG roadster 1969
Can you confirm that the price is about right?
The price negotiated $2100 the car needs a total paint job, new floors on
both sides, seats are not good, chrome is OK, dents in bonnet and boot..

The mechanics have been maintained reasonably well no issues as far as I can
The car is from California about 4 years ago and locally owned since then.

I have many parts in the UK (for a restoration that I was doing there) but
having moved I will ship them stateside for a car restoration here shortly!

I can do the work myself as I have restored several cars before!

Also, can anyone advise spare and repair assistance in the Southern NH and
MA area, I'm just north of Boston by about 30 miles.

I know Brit bits and am aware of Roadster factory, Moss, Bhive and Victoria
Are there any other companies that I need to be aware of?
Who is better on pricing and delivery?

In addition, I want to change the dash from the bulvous head protector! to
an original metal dash.....
will the dash fit?
Where is the best place in my area to get one?
Can I use the old dials etc?
Will all the electrical connections fit ok without modification?

and lastly, is there anything unique about the 1996 model that I should be
aware of?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Spit IV (UK) 1971 
BMW 535i 1988
Saab 900 turbo 1990

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