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Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?

Subject: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?
From: Chris Thompson <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:26:27 -0400
I'm having a struggle here lately. I want to begin stockpiling interior 
trim for the repaint/restore I'm going to do, so I want to choose what 
colors I'll be using. This is a 73B roadster which in the restore is going  
to get an original style all chrome grille and probably a shiny new luggage
rack on the back.

I started out wanting Tartan Red or Flame Red, but going through the picture
gallery on, it seems to me that  
everyone does that. While I like the color, part of me wants to be a bit
unique. I'd estimate two thirds of the images on that site are of red MGB's.
Then I go through phases where I want BRG and a tan/biscuit 
interior. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a picture of a BRG roadster that
I really liked. I'm willing to bet that most that I see are just poorly 
color balanced scans or digital pictures and that if I saw one in person it
would be a different matter.
The problem I have with the beige interior stems from the fact that I'm    
32. I got my license in 85 and havent owned a car older than 85. By that    
time car interiors were monochrome. If it was a beige interior, it was a    
beige dash. So when I look at a B with beige panels, carpet and seats and   
that black dash, steering column and center console, it just looks wrong to
my eye. Yes, I know that's how they came from the factory, but chalk it up  
to my age, it just doesnt look right to me.
On the flip side, One of the sharpest MGB interiors I've seen is the all    
black interior that Moss and/or VB show in their full color pages of the    
catalog. Leather covered Moto-Lita, black carpet, etc.
That makes me think "Why dont I do an all black. Black laquer with alot of  
clear coat." and I liked the look of the roadster that was posted here
today. But I worry about all black being too hot in the summer.

I found an image of a car in Royale Blue that I liked, and the majority of
the cars I've owned have been dark blue.

If I wanted to be more unique, I could do a stripe and logo job like...

So am I just overthinking this whole thing? Does anyone else lay in bed at
night thinking of their MGB to the point of insomnia?


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