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Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?

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Subject: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 15:20:01 -0400
Chris wrote:

I started out wanting Tartan Red or Flame Red, but going through the picture
gallery on, it seems to me that  
everyone does that. While I like the color, part of me wants to be a bit
unique. I'd estimate two thirds of the images on that site are of red MGB's.

One of the nicest colours I have seen for the MGB-GT is Black Tulip.
When the sun shines at particular angles, you can see the dark purple
hues which is offset nicely with the chrome sides. You have to see it
in the "flesh" to appreciate. Never seen a roadster in that colour, the
only colour I like the roadster in is Tartan Red and dark BRG


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