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Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!

Subject: Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 13:20:00 EDT
I rather think the MG LeMans car is as close to an "MG" as any car could be 
and still race at LeMans.  I mean, obviously these are not the days of the 
MGA racers (the one from the Westminster MG Museum ended up WHERE exactly?) 
where the road car and the track car are closely related at all.  The point 
of F1, to me, is to demonstrate that a company has high-tech knowledge that 
can be applied to the road cars.  MG did this when they through the MG F1 
car's engine into the MG ZT to demonstrate that F1 tech is not just for the 

A few other things that will make the MG F1 car more of an MG... Lola is 
moving to Longbridge apparently.  The car was developed by a company that is 
closely related to MG, i.e. Lola who owns a chunk of MG.  Thats better than 
the Mercedes formula of not long ago, when they didn't even own McLaren, or 
the Jaguar/Ford formula of buying out Jackie and painting his cars green.

I highly suggest those of you who are interested in the future of MG and MG 
rumors, etc, to use the "MG Car Company" section of    
Information is leaked there fast and furious, far quicker and more 
knowledgable stuff than here.  David Knowles is a frequent contributor and 
there are a few Longbridge insiders.

I really think someday Longbridge will stand for what Abingdon once did.


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