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Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!

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Subject: Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 16:17:11 -0400
CR wrote:
>  I don't follow European motorsport any more, so am not up on the
>various classes at  Le Mans.  I seem to remember a class called "Sports
>Prototype' and something called homologation (sp?), where they had to
>produce and sell a certain # of the cars to be legal.  Is that the class
>that the X257 is in, or is that a thing of the past?

Homologation is not a class but a process. Sports Prototype is a class,
determined by the FIA. The homologation process states that for cars
to be eligible for certain competition, the manufacturer has to produce
a certain number of them for "sale" to the general public. The numbers
made can vary depending on the type of racing (rally/track).

Not only do the cars them selves have to be homologated, but also the 
various parts on the car. For example in rallying if a lets say Ford wants
to make carbon fibre panels or wings on their rally cars, they must produce
4000 (?) other cars with the same panels. This process would also include
parts like struts/brakes/axles/gearboxes etc etc etc.

The idea behind this, is to keep manufactures from producing one-off cars
specifically designed for particular events, like happened in the mid 80's
when the "Killer B's" were produced - anyone remember the Rover MG 6R4
700bhp and 4 wheel-drive ?

Also it detracts from the silly way that NASCAR produces "silhouette" cars
which bears absolutely no resemblance to the product that Joe Public can
buy in the showroom.

Homologation is lasts for a certain number of years (4 ?), which essentially
forces the manufacturers to build rally cars using their latest models.

I think that the Yugo was homologated and its paperwork is still current ! 
for further listings visit the FIA website.


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