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Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!

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Subject: Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!
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Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 20:43:34 +0100
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Subject: Re: WOOHOOOOOOO EX257 is on the track!

> The company died, they revived the name, they stick it on a
> race car, and expect everyone with a TC to go all limp at the thought?

> It reminds me of the guys that bought the right to use the Jensen name
> to associate themselves with past models made before the company died
> you ask - sales, he answers). Or the 'new' Bugatti.

The company never died.  The factory might have closed but there is a
continuous line of ownership of the name from the 1920 through to the
present day (and very nearly continuous MG production), even though the
owner of the name may have itself been owned by a couple of other
organisations along the way.  Certainly *not* the same as Bugatti.  If it
helps the company build 'proper' MGs then I'll live with it, but with two
engine and one unspecified failure I'm currently more concerned about Lola
besmirching MG.  And please don't raise the hoary old chestnut about badge
engineering in the 80s, it is an MG tradition and how it all began.


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