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Overdrive swap

Subject: Overdrive swap
From: "K. Johnson" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 17:36:34 -0600
I've seen a couple of posts, but none of the responses as to what it takes 
to do
an overdrive swap.  I've got a 70B that I'm swapping the engine and tranny 
out for a different engine and overdrive tranny.  Just what do I need to 
have on hand and what am I gonna want half way into the event???  Should 
the wiring for the overdrive all ready be in my car, if so where the heck 
to I start looking for it???  I  know I should probably put a new clutch in 
while it's out, but I don't think finances or gonna let me do that right also has a weber downdraft carb on it, and I know nothing about 
these.  Would it be better to switch back to my SU's or just leave it as 
is, since it was running before that way and then swap them out later if I 
decide I don't want the weber???


PS - Larry Hoy - if the engine in it can make it, I plan on going to 
Glenwood, can I pick your brain about this while I'm there???

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