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Re: Overdrive swap

To: "K. Johnson" <>
Subject: Re: Overdrive swap
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 22:51:30 -0700
Hi Kathy,

  BTDT on both a '69 & '70 B.

  The OD switch and wiring are already in the car & main wiring
harness.  Look for a yellow wire that exits the main bundle just forward
of the firewall on the left side of the heater box under the hood, where
the bundle splits and some wires go to the rear of the car.  The yellow
wire is usually folded back and taped over.  It has a male bullet
connector soldered onto it.  This wire brings power to the OD solenoid
from the OD switch, which is on the right stalk lever along with the
washer & wiper switches. There should be a harness on the OD tranny that
connects to the yellow wire.

  You didn't say what year engine & OD tranny you're putting in.  If
it's an LH OD, you can use your existing driveshaft.  Rear mount CAN be
different depending on the vintage of the OD tranny.  Take a look at the
Moss manual, page 97.

  I suggest you at least look at the clutch disk & throwout bushing. 
They don't cost much and it would be a shame to have to pull the
assembly out of the car again.  Also, you have two complete clutches,
etc.  You can use the best parts from each to assemble a good unit.

  How good are the SUs?  If they work right, I'd use them.  If not and
if the Weber works as is, I'd use it and rebuild the SUs for later
installation.  Keep in mind that, depending on the vintage of the
replacement engine, you might have to swap out the dizzy too, if you use
the SUs.  Moreover, if you're going to discard the '70 engine, make sure
to keep the dizzy that goes with the SU setup, it has the right vac
advance diaphragm for the SU vacuum port.

  Guess that about covers it.  



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