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New MG's in America

Subject: New MG's in America
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 03:39:16 EDT
Ok, so I read the story at and looked at the pictures. I can 
tell immediately this in NOT what America wants. A slightly re-worked Rover 
will be a complete bomb in the States.

Need I remind you of the dismal failure of the Sterling brand of the late 
80's, early 90's. This car was Rover's version of the Acura/Honda Legend. 
Despite its Honda drivetrain and British charm, wood and leather, the car's 
electronic gremlins were an atrocity, and it came as no shock to anyone when 
they pulled out of the US market. I could buy one of these cars right now if 
I looked for spare change underneath my sofa cushions.

There is little doubt, given all of the clubs and enthusiasm for the marque 
that the US wants a new MG. But for Pete's sake, look at the MG's we drive. 
They are either roadsters or GT coupes. An MG saloon will never work here, 
and the new management are fools to think that they will. 

The American MG fan has been begging for the MGF, and instead, we are being 
offered a trio of rebadged Rover's. Well, we've already been there, done 
that, and it failed. As for the Qvale Mangusta, well, it's an Italian design 
powered by a Ford V-8. Even if the body is reworked, it is no MG in my eyes.

If MG Rover wants to get our attention, and our dollars, give us an honest, 
Miata/MR-2 Sypder slayer. MG stands to make a joke of itself if it offers us 
a few reworked family cars, while Mazda and Toyota are selling true roadsters.

And so, I give a big yawn to MG's latest offerings. America is flooded with 
sports sedans, we don't need anymore, and the marque cannot compete against 
the BMW 3-series, the Benz C-class, and the Audi A4's. Enough is enough. MG, 
give us what we know an MG to be. A ROADSTER.

Hence, the reason I own an MG and a saloon. Nuff said.

78 Midget

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