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Re: New MG's in America

Subject: Re: New MG's in America
From: Carl W French <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:34:24 -0400
Well, that would rule out almost all MGs ever made, I will have to make do 
with the standard leather seats in my 67 MG.

> > I would dearly love to buy a
> > small two seater with no electric this and that, no leather, no power
> > steering (it used to fine without power in TDs, TFs and MGBs) No power
> > brakes, no space age materials, no fancy engine management, no computers,
> > no ashtay, no clock, no pop-up this and pop-up that, no ABS, No EFI, no
> > VTEC, no FFT, no WHAT, no YFOR, no MYGOD - and at a low price and all the
> > charisma of an MG

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