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Re: Warped front discs

To: Eric <>
Subject: Re: Warped front discs
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 09:56:53 -0600

I can only guess that it is 'warping', so I can try to prevent it
happening again?

1)  Turned rotors that are now too thin.
2)  Running through water when the rotors are VERY hot.
3)  Stuck floating caliper assembly, or stuck piston on one side.
4)  ?

I heard on Car Talk, a USA radio talk show, that one guy was
having persistant problems with some new car with warped rotors. 
After alot of questions, the MCs found out that the owner WASHED
the car right after returning home from his daily commute.


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