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Fw: Warped front discs

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Subject: Fw: Warped front discs
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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 09:08:13 -0300
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Subject: Re: Warped front discs

 Eugene Balinski wrote:

" Apparently there is now something called a "torque sticks" which is placed
on the end of the air wrench between the
wrench and the lug, and has lessened the tendency to warp discs.  The torque
sticks come in different colours for different torque range ratings.  I do
not know the actual method by which they control the torque."

 These colour-coded socket extensions are made with varying degrees of
torsional stiffness, and are designed to work with impact wrenches. When the
design limit of these extensions is reached, they absorb the impacts and
reduce the torque applied to the studs to the colour coded limit.

 This only solves the max. torque problem. A miscreant can still warp your
wheels or discs if they apply full torque to each stud from zero in turn,
and  fail to bring the studs up to max torque in graduated steps in the time
honoured criss-cross pattern.

Vigilance by the informed owner is the only protection from a
 ham-fisted so-called "technician".


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