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RE: Warped front discs

Subject: RE: Warped front discs
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 02:38:07 -0400
Yes it happened with me with rotors which were only 5,000 miles old.
(Peugeot 505).
I files a quality claim at the garage - this was granted. Repair cost three
days though.
Their stupid mechanic either mounted all stuff to the incorrectly or did not
use a torque wrench. Anyway the front strud whereon the central hub nut was
to be screwed was damaged seriously, so had to be replaced.

They tried to have me pay for it, so I indicated to talk this over with the
sales manager.
After this all repair was done within a day free of charge...

I have no experience with MG's on this subject...



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Subject: Re: Warped front discs wrote:
> Warping can be caused by:
> - sudden temperature changes in the materials
> - warn discs which have become too thin
> - poor quality (Peugeot had this issue with their 505 series in the
> eighties)
> - very heavy braking with sudden blockage of the wheels
> - combinations of above

Sorry, but still pondering this subject, I was wondering if my use of
the rather outsized 15x5.5" rims and 205x15x60 sticky tyres under
competition stresses could have caused this.  My reason for wondering is
purely because I would like to know if this may happen again with 'new'
rotors under the same situation.  Or should I really be looking at
'competition grade' equipment here.

My thoughts wander back to two incidents at my last meeting where it was
suggested I may have hit an oil spot on the track (doing it twice was
spooky) where I am suddenly hard on the brakes from 85mph heading
towards a right-hand hairpin after a medium length straight.  The
steering wheel got wrenched left in my hands (almost out of my hands
because I try not to grip the wheel too hard) momentarily and it felt
like the lefthand front wheel 'slipped' ever so briefly.

Trust me, it was almost drycleaning time for the racesuit - luckily
there was no traffic around me at the time.  At this point on the track
you are travelling only a matter of a couple of fee or so from the grass
to your left, so you can imagine the disaster if that jerk left took
your two left wheels onto the grass under full brakes at 80mph.  I would
be testing the rollbar, methinks.

I am wondering if this (these) incidents and the discovery of the warped
lefthand front disc are related?

Any thoughts (he says, after promising not to drag this thread out)?

Adelaide, South Australia

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