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Re: Cupro-Nickel Brake Lines

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Subject: Re: Cupro-Nickel Brake Lines
From: "Bill Schooler" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:59:03 -0400

Enough is enough.  Now I'm getting this one from you in multiple copies.
Have you been able to figure out why?

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Subject: Re: Cupro-Nickel Brake Lines

> Barrie!
> Thanks for your note.
> I was triggered to this issue when speaking to the folks at Precision Auto
> (?) in Toronto a couple of years ago.  The owner/manager told me that he
> automatically rejects any/all lines with any copper in them.
> Such is also the case in NB and NS where the DOT folks say they will
> any lines with copper in them.

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