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Report from DC

Subject: Report from DC
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 13:39:02 EDT
I was in my downtown DC office when we heard about the NY Trade Center.  As 
we watched on TV, I thought, "gee, I wonder why two airplanes for NYC and 
none for DC?"  I found out several minutes later.  We kept looking nervously 
toward the sky in the direction of the Capitol, and were relieved to see no 
smoke there.  Several minutes later we left DC on the Metro, watching the 
smoke from the Pentagon drift to the southeast.
Oddly, I thought, the people on the Metro looked...ordinary, as if this was 
just another day done.  Enroute, an Arabic-looking gent saw us looking at the 
smoke and asked what had happened.  When I told him he was incredulous, then 
told me how he used to work in a US embassy that got bombed.  He said he had 
just gone to the basement to get something when the bomb went off and killed 
22 of his friends.  "They must be following me," he said.

Jay Donoghue

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