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RE: Report from DC

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Subject: RE: Report from DC
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:14:16 -0400
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If USA gives up its freedoms, in any way for feelings of security and
safety, then this country has been beaten. Our founding fathers fought and
died to establish a government of limited powers and intrusions into its
citizens lives. It is unfortunate, but preservation of freedom necessarily
require danger. They understood the dangers when they founded this Country
and willingly undertook these dangers.

As to your comment about immigrants, it was truly un-called for. Immigration
has been the strength of this Country and will always continue to be. It
greeted parents or grandparents when they came through New York Harbor and
passed a statute given to the American people by France.

Arab and Moslem immigrants will continue to give this country strength. I
make these statements as a descendent of a family that immigrated to this
country from Holland in the 1680's to the English colony of Massachusetts
and from Wales in the 1720's to New York and New Jersey, a former Dutch

Acts of terrorism and extremists do not represent any group of people and
cannot form the basis of a comment concerning a race, nationality or people.

This country will exact revenge against the perpetrators and enemies. It
will continue to gain strength from its immigrant groups.

My 2 cents.
Christopher Marley

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