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Re: Report from DC

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Subject: Re: Report from DC
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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 19:35:10 -0500

Glad you are OK.

<<We kept looking nervously
toward the sky in the direction of the Capitol,...>>

EXACTLY!!  Think about it.  Departure from Dulles, either north or south
require a left turn from end of runway.  If south to north route is used,
then a 180 is a POC.  If north to south is used, left turn AIMS at Key
Bridge.  And just a air mile south is what??

Worse yet, if the IDIOT driving the airplane had been able to keep the nose
up, what would be the next "target"??  The Moniment, Reflecting Pool, side
jog to White House/Exec. Building/Treasury, or on to The Capitol??

The latter being more logical, I think.

Could not beleive the late nooish pictue of Penn. Ave.:   EMPTY !!

The "saddest" part of all this will be that (just guessing, mind you) when
the nut behind today is "found", he'll just go to jail for a few years.  And
that is just guessing his "rights are not VIOLATED".

Next question is how did anybody grab a plane a Dulles in that short of
time??  HAD to be done DURING taxi!!



PS:  Jessie is either on his way to NYC to "support folks" or on his way to
Afganastan to "protect rights"!!  Right??

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