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Re: Electrical connections get hot - your opinion / experience

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Subject: Re: Electrical connections get hot - your opinion / experience
From: "Mike Winney" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 19:08:59 -0700
>>>>> > Incidentally, what do other listers put on cleaned connectors? I use
just a
> little petroleum jelly to stop further corrosion.<<<<<

I use a wire brush on the Dremel for cleaning the nipples---takes about two
or three seconds each to do.  I use a worn .22 cal bronze rifle bore brush
in the vari-speed drill for the connector--takes two or three seconds to
make the bore shine like a -----.  I apply a paste-like product named
Kopr-Shield Conductor Termination Compound to the  nipples  before inserting
them.  I use this product primarily because I want to use an electrical
conductor surrounding the connection.  Doing so insures complete
conductivity surrounding the nipple and not just at the point of physical
contact. This paste also functions as a lubricant which assists in inserting
the nipples.  This can really be helpful as  the nipples can be difficult to
insert into new connectors.  Also is an anti-corrosion compound.  I  use
this product at all newly cleaned ground connections.  I don't recall where
I bought this product, but similiar products are available.  Hope this
Mike Winney
'68 MGB GT (with every connector cleaned or replaced)

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