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Re: Charging System Woes

To: "Scott Allen" <>
Subject: Re: Charging System Woes
From: "Bob D." <>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 21:26:11 -0500

    The electrical connections at the starter are famous for causing
symptoms like yours.
The + battery cable runs to a terminal on the starter, and this terminal
feeds all the
electricals on the car. It's low and exposed in a very bad neighborhood for

Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
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From: "Scott Allen" <>
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Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2001 7:28 PM
Subject: Charging System Woes

> Hi,
> So the battery on my 74 1/2 BGT dies, (as in lights go out, car dies and
> coasts to a halt).  Since the alternator light was flickering a bit, I
> figure that there was a problem with the alternator/voltage regulator.  I
> get a new alternator, and the battery/car dies again, but this time the
> warning lamp doesn't flicker.  I take the alternator back for replacement,
> and the battery/car dies again.
> Obviously I'm missing something here.  In my other high maintenance
> you've got the battery, the voltage regulator and the alternator.  Is
> anything else on the charging circuit of a B that can go bad and cause
> -I checked the connection(s) on the battery and on the alternator and
> they're all good.
> -I checked the battery and it's not cracked or grounding out in it's box.
> -All fuses are intact.
> -Alternator warning lamp does not come on.
> -All electricals work o.k., but after the battery/car dies there's not
> enough juice to kick over the starter or keep the car running.
> -My circuit tester is dead too, so I can't tell anyone how many amps or
> volts it's pushing through the system.
> -Carrying around a spare battery is not an option.
> Any help appreciated.
> Scott Allen
> Dead 74 1/2 BGT
> 52 TD
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