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Re: Safety Fast

Subject: Re: Safety Fast
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 12:06:16 -0600
Jerry Erbesfield wrote:
> Yeah, we wish! NOT in THIS world!
> FUNNY though. I'll try to remember it.

A friend of mine swears this is true, that it happened to a mate of

Cop pulls over MGBGT with two young lads in it; they had been doing
about 10% over the speed limit, so knew it was a close call. As the
officer approaches the driver's door, the driver rolls the window
down and says quietly, "These are not the 'droids you are looking

Turned out the policeman must have been a big Star Wars fan with an
active sense of humour, since he says, "These are not the 'droids I
am looking for," and goes back and gets in his cruiser and drives

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