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Re: What are the Ramifications of Gasohol

To: Maffei Andrew P SSgt 27 LG/LGQPT <>
Subject: Re: What are the Ramifications of Gasohol
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 09:48:58 -0600
Perhaps on older cars it could cause damage, I don't know about that. 
But modern autos are rated for 10% ethanol.

My '70 B has been happily running on it for 5+ years.  When they 
switched us over to it in metro Denver in the '80's there was a lot of 
concern, but from what I recall it was pretty much a non-issue when it 
was done.

(I remember hearing a lot of people echoing what you are saying, but 
never saw any issues really occur.)

I think it is mostly FUD now after having used it for as long as I have 
driven.  We didn't have a choice here.  It was the law.

Maffei Andrew P SSgt 27 LG/LGQPT wrote:

> Yes, they do that in some places down here in N.M. as well,  but by law they
> have to put  on the pump that the fuel contains ethyl alcohol (usually in
> really small letters) I try to avoid it in any of my vehicles. I am lead to
> understand that this kind of fuel will burn very hot and eventually damage
> the valves.
> Even putting cooler running plugs in dose not help.  Also this kind of fuel
> can be detrimental to fuel injected systems.
>  Andy 66B

Andrew Lundgren

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