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Seen in the Paper Today - Portland, OR ABFM

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Subject: Seen in the Paper Today - Portland, OR ABFM
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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 10:44:53 -0700
>From Jonathan Nicholas' column in the Sunday Oregonian:


There are lies, damn lies and those told by guys trying to sell their cars.
Best line at the All British Field Meet Saturday, from a lad eager to unload
his old MG: "This car is just too refined for my wife."


Great weather, beautiful cars, fun people.  The Portland event was a great
time.  Competition for prizes on Saturday was tough and good natured.  A
fellow GT owner offered to "help out with a little mud."  There appeared to
be more beautifully restored and original cars this year than past.  The
swap meet on Sunday seemed lightly attended by vendors and cars for sale,
but the autocross and ralley made up for it.

I took both the GT and the roadster this year.  To accomplish this I
enlisted the help of my dad to drive the roadster.  This was his first time
behind the wheel of an MG.  This fall he will turn 80.  My 13 year old
daughter was his copilot.  Dad in his driving hat and gloves, my daughter
with her blond hair flying in the wind - what a pair.  Seeing the smile on
his face when we arrived at the race track made the whole effort worthwhile.
His comment was something about "MGs really make driving fun again!"

We have been riding motorcycles together since about 1970.  This summer he
decided to hang up his helmet, sell his bike and Aerostitch.  This is hard
for us both.  Enjoying the anticipation of a ride is as much fun as the ride
itself - especially during the long winter months.  I really hated to loose
this shared activity.

This summer, he attended a variety of car shows and meets with me.  He found
that he really enjoys the British cars, especially the people that own them.
He likes the way owners of British cars seem connected to their cars and the
stories they have.  They certainly are a hands-on bunch.  We seem to have
found a new way to share an activity.

Looks like a good excuse for another project!  Maybe a bugeye for my

Portland, OR

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