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Hobby in decline?

Subject: Hobby in decline?
From: mga <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 10:23:28 -0700 (PDT)
I posted this to a fellow who provided some assistance to me recently.  He
had commented that he found it not as appealing to drive his old MG as it
used to be.  

Trouble for me is that I have several old British cars.  I love the things
but when it comes time to drive somewhere, the Miata is so pleasant to drive
that it's begging me to take it rather than an old British car.  I guess
it's the nostalgia, the longing for youth and of a simpler time that makes
the old sports cars appeal to me.  But practicality and ease of driving
overcome those sentiments when it's time to actually go somewhere.

If it wasn't for this e-mail lists, I would really feel isolated since at
least 95% of British sports car enthusiasts have moved on to other
interests.  The ones on the lists are real diehards, and their enthusiasm
makes me feel like I'm not alone.  It used to be so neat to have a local
fraternity around the cars.  My friends all had British sports cars.  It was
an instant bond- if you met someone with an MG, he was a potential friend.
I spent many weekends and evenings helping my friends on their cars, and
vice versa.  But no more- very few of those guys are still into the cars.
Young guys rarely get interested in this hobby unless possibly their dad was
too.  Even sadder, the older ethusiasts are starting to pass on.  Another
factor that hasn't helped is the export of many of the cars which has got to
have hurt this hobby in the U.S. 


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