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Erecting MGA hood (top)

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Subject: Erecting MGA hood (top)
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 13:48:57 -0500

Had a call from a NAMGAR member.  Can't seem to get the hood
up.  I think he can't even get it unfolded.  AS my car
doesn't have the hood on it, I couldn't personally help.

Anyone have a trick to getting the hood up?  It almost takes
two.  How about folding it?  I've been to Barney's site, and
that's all I can find.  Sorry Barney, I'd just like to find
some easy method of getting the top up by oneself.

Also, anyone have the exact dimensions of the frame and
where it is attached?  Again someone is having problems
folding their hood.  It doesn't seem to go down well.  The
thought is the frame is out of kilter.
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