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Re: Hobby in decline?

To: mga <>
Subject: Re: Hobby in decline?
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 14:55:44 -0400
What??  When my MG was obviously down for the summer (last summer), and I 
had to dump my Saab sedan (a 9000) because it didn't have long to live, I 
decided to get a used Saab 900S convertible - great shape, half the price 
of a new one, but only 26,000 miles.  That thing drives 
great!  Comfortable, real heat, electronic power convertible roof, and I 
don't feel vulnerable to every large vehicle that comes along.  Roof goes 
up in seconds, it's snug and luxurious.

This summer, my MG is on the road, and I have only driven the Saab if (1) 
it's raining/cold, or (2) I have more than one passenger.  Other than that, 
I have passed up my wonderful "modern" Saab convertible to drive my MG 
everywhere.  I can't even stand the thought of having to get in the Saab if 
I could be driving my MG.

That said, I've never driven a Miata, but if I had a choice between my MG 
and a Miata, the MG would win whenever possible.  Miatas are a dime a 
dozen, though there is something to be said for having a car that you don't 
feel compelled to carry around a cell phone and a fire extinguisher in 
order to drive it. :)

- Tab
'78 B
'96 Saab 900S Convertible

At 01:23 PM 9/2/02, mga wrote:
>I posted this to a fellow who provided some assistance to me recently.  He
>had commented that he found it not as appealing to drive his old MG as it
>used to be.
>Trouble for me is that I have several old British cars.  I love the things
>but when it comes time to drive somewhere, the Miata is so pleasant to drive
>that it's begging me to take it rather than an old British car.  I guess
>it's the nostalgia, the longing for youth and of a simpler time that makes
>the old sports cars appeal to me.  But practicality and ease of driving
>overcome those sentiments when it's time to actually go somewhere.
>If it wasn't for this e-mail lists, I would really feel isolated since at
>least 95% of British sports car enthusiasts have moved on to other
>interests.  The ones on the lists are real diehards, and their enthusiasm
>makes me feel like I'm not alone.  It used to be so neat to have a local
>fraternity around the cars.  My friends all had British sports cars.  It was
>an instant bond- if you met someone with an MG, he was a potential friend.
>I spent many weekends and evenings helping my friends on their cars, and
>vice versa.  But no more- very few of those guys are still into the cars.
>Young guys rarely get interested in this hobby unless possibly their dad was
>too.  Even sadder, the older ethusiasts are starting to pass on.  Another
>factor that hasn't helped is the export of many of the cars which has got to
>have hurt this hobby in the U.S.

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