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Re: Hobby in decline?

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: Hobby in decline?
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 21:22:22 -0400
At 09:20 PM 9/2/02, David Councill wrote:
>I was on my British kick just a few weeks ago when we had the first of an
>annual blues festival in town, this one headlined by John Mayall and the
>Bluesbreakers, an unknown in these parts but a giant from the 60s British
>music scene. I just think it could all easily happen again some day.

I didn't know they were still touring!  I assume Eric Clapton isn't playing 
with them any more, though, right?  If he is... well, when's the next show? :)

- Tab

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