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Re: Hobby in decline?

Subject: Re: Hobby in decline?
From: Zach Dorsch <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 17:19:49 -0700 (PDT)
Okay, I need to add my opinion to this thread because I am one of those young 
guys (21).  I have had my MG for about a year now and think that it has been a 
great car even though a lot of the time it has been not runing for one reason 
or another (sat for about six years before I bought it).   However this car is 
truly a blast and every friend that has ridden in has never had any negative 
comments, they all think its great (male or female).
I think that the reason the old car hobby in general is declining is due to the 
high prices of good classic cars.  Kids now a days cannot spend a couple 
hundered for a car and get something to run and work for them with a little 
work unless its a honda or the like.  The cheap classic cars now, need a lot of 
body work and/or engine work.  It is by far much more convenient to just go and 
buy a new honda or other cheap foreign car and sup it up.  This is the way that 
it has always been comparitively speaking.  In the 50's, 60's and early 70's 
you could still get a decent muscle car  (my dad and grandfather are old 
hot-rodders).  But the generation that I grew up in had some fairly awful cars; 
horsepower was low and handling was even worse.  However, these are cheap to my 
generation and this is what most can afford and work on, making them our 
'muscle' cars.  What I mean by work on is body work and/or engine work (just 
hook it up to a computer).
Where do we learn to do body work or engine work now?  Its also simply not 
popular to do your own work, let alone get dirty in my generation's thinking.  
In return to this perspective many schools in my area have dropped automotive 
programs altogether.  

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