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Question about rear damper links...

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Subject: Question about rear damper links...
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 23:35:11 -0700
The rear shock links (between the damper and the spring plate) on my '69
B have me a little worried, so I thought I would send this out to ask
those in the know...

At the bottom of the link, the 'bolt' that slides through the hole in
the spring plate and has its other end in the 'ball'... This turns when
I turn the nut that secures it to the spring plate...

Instinct tells me this is bad (my instincts have been wrong before),
because it would cause stress on the bush at the top of the link, and
not really get the full effect of the damping. Shouldn't this bolt be
fixed in the ball so it doesn't move?

It is the same on both links, and means that I can't get them undone
from the spring plate... So if this is bad and they are supposed to be
fixed in place, I will need to replace them, so I will need suggestion
on how to get them out of there... (Dremel cutting disks to the rescue

Oh experienced ones, what is the proper state for the bolts?


1969 MGB

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