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Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem

Subject: Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 21:37:45 -0400
My '78B has an enhanced (high-performance) engine with O/D that I run with 
high-octane fuel.  93 octane is the best I get here short of going to the 

I have noticed, with at least a half-tank (the gauge isn't great, but it's 
not that far off) that occasionally - like every couple of days, and I 
drive it constantly - I'll be going along, and then I'll get a sudden loss 
of power.  The tach seems to be okay - unchanged, not plummeting - but it's 
like I have a fraction of the power I should have, and the car will 
eventually vibrate if it gets worse enough.  It'll last, typically, for a 
minute or two - I might have to pull off to the shoulder - but then it will 
eventually work its way back to normal and I continue on my merry way.  On 
rare occasions I'll get two or three incidents within a 10 minute period, 
but generally it's just one incident and that's it.

I originally thought maybe there was water in the fuel tank, but I've since 
been trying to buy from different sources and have added dry gas.  It can 
happen whether on an incline, a descent, a flat run, and invariably after 
I've been driving for a good while, and speed doesn't seem to matter - it 
could hit whether going 30 or 60 or 70.

Any thoughts?  I was thinking originally a fuel delivery problem, but now 
I'm not so sure.  Flaky coil?

- Tab

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